Pizza Party!


I finally found out some information about the pizza party!

The party will be in the CCC on May 29th during 9th period.  You must RSVP for the party but Tuesday, May 28th.  You can do that here!

Before you head off to RSVP, please read this letter to make sure that you are able to attend.  You will need to bring your acceptance letter to the CCC before you can enter the party.  I know, it's a lot of hoops to jump through, but then again, it is pizza! =]

See you all there!

Program Cards


Hello! Believe it or not, this blog still exists!

I am missing program cards:

  • Denise Oleas
  • Manuel Ordonez
  • Celeste Serrano
  • Katherine Theoharis
  • Sydney Whitman
I need these ASAP!  Please get them in to me so I can sign them and you can get the classes that you want!

Course Request Cards


I am still missing Course Request Cards from the following people. It is vital that you turn these in to me in order to be properly programmed.
  • Brenda Banh
  • Vanessa Gonzalez
  • Sydney Whitman

If you are or see one of these people, let them know they need to turn in their programming cards ASAP. Thanks, and enjoy the long weekend!

Electives Fair


The Electives Fair is tomorrow at 1 p.m. in the cafeteria for freshmen. Some electives fill up fast so be here on time (or early) to be sure you get to make the choices you want to make and take the classes you want to take! If you need any signatures, that is both the time and the place to get them. See you all tomorrow!

College/Career Night


Lane will be hosting an Illinois Institute of Technology Math, Computer Science, and Engineering College Career Night on Monday, February 1, 2010, at 6:30 p.m. in Lane Tech's Auditorium (with a reception to follow). This event will be designed to provide students and parents with information regarding these fields. Parents are highly encouraged to attend this event with students!

Professors, scientists, and students from the IIT will be on-hand to answer questions. Students with an interest in the fields of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering are all invited to attend to receive information and have their questions answered.

Annual Freshman Pizza Party!


The first annual freshman pizza party will be Friday, October 16th at 5:00 pm. Buy a ticket from me for $1. This ticket gets you into the varsity football game as well!

Also, the Math Lab is now open! If you're having some trouble in your math class, stop by 0 period, 9th period, or during your lunch and get some help. You can find the Math Lab in room 232.

YoungLife is taking a trip to Fright Fest on October 24th! Sign up at McDonalds on Thursday, October 15th from 3:00 - 4:00. Spots are limited. The cost for the bus is 12 dollars. You can pay the membership fee of 10 dollars then too! Go visit them to get more information!



The school will be administering the EXPLORE test to all freshman on Tuesday October 6th. Pre-gridding will be done in division on the 5th. Make sure that you get a good nights rest as well as a good breakfast the day before. There will be no food or drink allowed in the test rooms and limited break times.

The EXPLORE test is like a head start on the ACT. It is written by the same company that writes and administers the ACT. The test also lets you know if you are on track for college, helps you develop a plan for their high school curriculum, and helps you determine which subjects are most important in your ideal career.

We (teachers and counselors) will use your results to help build plans for your future. The EXPLORE test helps us determine what you know so that we can choose what best to learn next. Remember that on the EXPLORE test (just like the ACT) there is no penalty for guessing so you should do your best on every question. Blank answers will be marked as incorrect.