The school will be administering the EXPLORE test to all freshman on Tuesday October 6th. Pre-gridding will be done in division on the 5th. Make sure that you get a good nights rest as well as a good breakfast the day before. There will be no food or drink allowed in the test rooms and limited break times.

The EXPLORE test is like a head start on the ACT. It is written by the same company that writes and administers the ACT. The test also lets you know if you are on track for college, helps you develop a plan for their high school curriculum, and helps you determine which subjects are most important in your ideal career.

We (teachers and counselors) will use your results to help build plans for your future. The EXPLORE test helps us determine what you know so that we can choose what best to learn next. Remember that on the EXPLORE test (just like the ACT) there is no penalty for guessing so you should do your best on every question. Blank answers will be marked as incorrect.


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